Used books are an important component of your textbook sales. Used books are always in demand and the ability to supply your customers with a greater used book selection will lead to greater customer satisfaction. Put simply, signing up with Booksaurus will increase your used book buying power. Booksaurus can enable you to more efficiently buy back used books from your customers, and the more used books you can supply, the happier your used book buying customers will be. Besides the increased profitability of selling more used books, buying back your own used books reduces shipping costs, as your stock is already in your store. As part of Booksaurus, your store is connected to the other stores in the Booksaurus network which are also able to buy back used books for your store, giving you access to the widest possible range of used books. Most bookstores avoid buying back used books because of all the logistical problems involved. Booksaurus automatically maintains your order lists and manages all inter-store transactions. With Carleton Technologies' Booksaurus, it has never been easier to increase your used book sales and improve customer satisfaction.