The Booksaurus website acts as your access point to the Booksaurus service. Once you have determined which and how many used books your store needs, you can enter your used book order lists into the Booksaurus database through the website by either importing a CSV file (comma delimited) or typing the lists directly onto the website. Once the used book order lists are created, you must confirm them through the website before they will be published on the network. The Booksaurus website allows your store to manage the books which are already on order and to track the books which are in transit to you from other stores.

As soon as it is published on the network, your used book list can be accessed by your cashiers as well as all other stores on the network, enabling them to begin buying back the titles you have requested. The Booksaurus buy back process is easy for both customers and cashiers. When customers bring their used books to the store, cashiers can check the website to see whether the books have been requested. The Booksaurus website is searchable using either an ISBN or an EAN13 number. If the books have been requested by your store or any other, a simple ?buy? click on the website will register the book as purchased, updating the order list. If the book is purchased for another store in the network, the Booksaurus website will provide you with a purchase form which lists the transaction details, such as the store the book was purchased for. The purchase will then appear as a credit on your monthly Booksaurus statement.

If the books are not on the database order list, customers have the option to supply their names and contact information to the cashier so that they can be notified if the books are requested in the future. This information is collected in the Booksaurus registry. Customers can also register their used books themselves through the bookstore's website, as Booksaurus provides your store with a web-form for registering books with the Booksaurus registry.

When a new used book order list is published to the network, Booksaurus will check the books on the new order list against those which have been registered by customers. If there are registered books which match the book order, a Booksaurus notice will be automatically sent by email to the customers who registered those books. This email will also contain a link to a site where customers can unregister their books if they wish. Because the Booksaurus web-form and email notification are integrated with your bookstore's existing website, Booksaurus is completely transparent to your customers: your bookstore is all they will see.

When books are purchased on your behalf by other bookstores, your order list will be updated and you will receive an email informing you of the purchase. The books will be shipped directly to your door by the bookstore which purchased them, and an invoice for those books will appear on your monthly Booksaurus statement. The seamless integration of the Booksaurus buy back process into existing store operations makes it the easiest way to put more used books on your store shelves, increasing sales and profits without a significant increase in labour.